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Yaman The Mystical Stone

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The Yaman Stones that I have are from a late business tycoon. A friend from Indonesia. According to him, he mentioned to me that these Yaman Stones were found only in one isolated river in Indonesia near the vicinity of Banten. The people of Banten are experts in mysticism but even they respect the Yaman Stone as they considered it highly sacred. Experienced Shaman were used to find these precious stones, the black stones are encased by a thick limestone layer that covers it up thus making it very challenging to find them. Only when the tide is low can these stones be harvested and only a couple of such stones are found each time. Special rituals such as offering incense and other rare herbs prior to the harvest are being done, the Shaman has to also go on a special fast such as drinking only coconut water for three days before embarking on the search for these mystical stones. 


There are numerous Yaman Stones that claim it is from the same source in the vicinity of Banten but it is highly unlikely that they are the real thing. Yaman Stones are basically a form of agate but the Yaman Stones found in the Banten area are reddish maroon in color, they are also translucent and not clear. Those that are brown and translucent are usually not the type found in Banten. However they are in some occasions that the brown colored type are from the area, points to look out for are the marbled surface structure ,the inclusions inside the stones and also the price. A Yaman Stone typically ranges between $2500 with some costing at least $20,000.00 all depending on the quality of the stone. Some Yaman Stones have fossil gastropod inclusions while some have straight line inclusions. Good high quality Yaman Stones are typically reddish translucent with minimal inclusions. It is extremely difficult to get one these days.

Yaman 3k

The efficacies of the Yaman Stones are numerous. 

  1. You will never be poor if you own one

  2. It increases ones charisma

  3. It manifests money when it is invoked

  4. It enhancers networking luck and business

  5. It gives the wearer Authority and Power

  6. Enhancers promotion luck

  7. Help find opportunities 


Many VIP’s and powerful people in Indonesia wear this stone. I was introduced to a person who was run over by a 4WD and survived although this person suffered a serious fracture on his ribs and was hospitalized for 5 months. He was walking normally after that.


Incident 2: A friend of the tycoon was electrocuted while servicing high voltage wires, his hands and body was severely burnt but he survived the trauma. 


As for myself, I have been wearing the Stone for over 14 years. It has always brought me good people and luck. 

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