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Unlock your fullest potential with Bazi

Bazi reading, also known as Bazi analysis or Bazi consultation, is a form of fortune-telling or divination based on the ancient Chinese system of Bazi (also known as Four Pillars of Destiny). Bazi, which translates to "eight characters," is a system that analyzes a person's birth date and time to reveal their unique destiny and life path.


There will be approximately 8  to 10 pages in your Bazi Charts reading. 

  • Baskets of Elements 

  • Self Element & Traits

  • Types of Luck

  • Ten Year Pillar Chart

  • Auspicious Days & Months

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Compatibility & Trust

Knowing every aspect of your Bazi is critical especially when making decisions if it comes to businesses and partnering with Zodiac signs compatible to you.  It will also help you perform to your best potential in all 5 aspects of life: Career, Relationships, Wealth, Health and Self-development


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Uncover your perfect career fit: discover, thrive, and excel.

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Rise above crisis: resilience, adaptability, triumph against adversity.

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Unleash your limitless potential: discover, grow, and achieve greatness.

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Recognize your valuable benefactors: supporters, allies, and contributors revealed.

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Bazi: Guiding You towards Optimal Life Choices

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