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Kua Analysis

Knowing your personal Kua number is a top priority,

It is important to know your Kua number as it will benefit you in many ways and your Kua number is fixed.

There are altogether 8 directions, four of which are good and four of which are bad. Know them well and use the info because it works like magic. You need to know all your good and bad directions and also know which direction to face and for what purposes. Your Kua number also tells you about your Trigram which also has its elements. In the deeper understanding of it, it also reveals what illness you are prone to and which area it would affect you.

For a more accurate analysis, it is highly recommended that you have your Eight Pillars Chart (Bazi) analyzed. You will then know how to compensate for your missing elements and know-how to activate your Feng Shui and accurately.

1. Check the following charts for your respective Kua Number and continue below:


2. With your Kua Number, get your respective group below:

e.g. If I am a male and my Kua number is 5, my group will be West and my group number will be changed from 5 to 2


3. Now, refer to your respective group and number and continue:


4. For each Trigram and their meaning, refer to the table below:


What to Look for Annually

(Check Directions under FLYING STARS)

  • We should never face the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Tsui) for that particular year even if our best directions are there. Never disturb this area and keep this area quiet throughout the year. (Remedy with Piyao / Pikan / PiXiu.)

  • We should never have the 3 killings behind us. (Remedy with Parad Sri Yantra.)

  • Always check where the #5 Yellow is and counter it as it will bring great misfortunes if left unattended. This is the worst of all flying stars. Never disturb this area and keep this area quiet throughout the year.

  • Always check where the #2 black stars areas this is the illness star which causes sickness. (Remedy with A Garuda or for those who can afford to get a Tok Raja Hulu amulet made from herbs)

Note: The Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Tsui), the 5 Yellow, the #2 Illness Star and the 3 Killings changes every year.
Remember to know their directions each year and counter them accordingly.

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