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Yaman Stone (Oval)

Yaman Stone (Oval)

Note: We understand that this item carries a significant price tag, which may naturally raise questions about its authenticity and worth. We encourage you to visit our store and personally verify its authenticity. 


By coming to our store, you will have the opportunity to examine the item up close, feel its weight, and witness its exquisite craftsmanship. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be available to answer any questions you may have and provide detailed information about its origin, materials, and history.


There are numerous Yaman Stones that claim it is from the same source in the vicinity of Banten but it is highly unlikely that they are the real thing. Yaman Stones are basically a form of agate but the Yaman Stones found in the Banten area are reddish maroon in color, they are also translucent and not clear.


Those that are brown and translucent are usually not the type found in Banten. However they are in some occasions that the brown colored type are from the area, points to look out for are the marbled surface structure ,the inclusions inside the stones and also the price.


A Yaman Stone typically ranges between $2500 with some costing at least $20,000.00 all depending on the quality of the stone. Some Yaman Stones have fossil gastropod inclusions while some have straight line inclusions. Good high quality Yaman Stones are typically reddish translucent with minimal inclusions. It is extremely difficult to get one these days.

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