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Vogel Cut, 24 Side

Vogel Cut, 24 Side

Introducing the mesmerizing Vogel Cut, a remarkable crystal cut designed to enhance the energy and power of your crystals.


The Vogel Cut is named after Marcel Vogel, a renowned researcher and crystal healer who recognized the unique properties of this faceted cut. Each Vogel Cut crystal is meticulously crafted with precision and intention to amplify the natural energies of the crystal it is created from.


The Vogel Cut features a tapered shape with precise facets that create a symmetrical pattern. This specific cut is believed to enhance the flow of energy within the crystal, facilitating a stronger and more focused energy transmission.


When working with a Vogel Cut crystal, you can experience heightened clarity, enhanced intention setting, and a deeper connection to your spiritual and energetic self. The precise angles of the cut are thought to help align and balance the chakras, promoting healing and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.

    $600.00 Regular Price
    $550.00Sale Price
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