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Satyaloka Quartz

Satyaloka Quartz

Note: $80 per piece, does not come in a set.


Satyaloka Quartz is known for its high vibrational energy and spiritual connection. It is believed to be a stone of enlightenment, awakening, and spiritual growth. Many individuals use Satyaloka Quartz for meditation, channeling, and accessing higher realms of consciousness.


In terms of its physical characteristics, Satyaloka Quartz generally appears as clear or translucent quartz crystals. It can exhibit various crystal formations, such as points, clusters, or geodes. Some pieces may contain inclusions or veils that add to their unique appearance.


Satyaloka Quartz is often sought after by crystal enthusiasts and spiritual practitioners who are drawn to its powerful energy. It is considered a stone of spiritual evolution and is believed to assist in aligning one's consciousness with divine guidance and cosmic wisdom.


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