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Rainbow Haematite

Rainbow Haematite

Note: Products sold separately, $60 each.


Rainbow hematite can occur in various forms, including as botryoidal (globular) formations, crusts, or inclusions within other minerals or rocks. It is often used in jewelry and decorative objects due to its captivating colors and unique appearance.


Metaphysically, rainbow hematite is associated with grounding, protection, and balancing energies. It is believed to help stabilize emotions, enhance focus, and provide a sense of strength and security. Rainbow hematite is also thought to assist in manifesting one's intentions and promoting positive transformation.


It's important to note that the iridescent colors seen in rainbow hematite are surface effects and may vary in intensity and appearance. Additionally, hematite is a relatively brittle mineral, so care should be taken to avoid rough handling or exposure to harsh chemicals that could damage or tarnish its surface.

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