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Phacops Speculator Trilobite

Phacops Speculator Trilobite

Species: Phacops Speculator

Period: Middle Devonian (410-360 million years ago)

Location: Morocco


Phacops speculator is a species of trilobite, an extinct marine arthropod that lived during the Paleozoic Era. Trilobites were highly diverse and abundant during the Cambrian to Permian periods, with a wide range of species inhabiting ancient oceans.


Phacops speculator, also known as the "spectacular Phacops," is a well-known trilobite species that is highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts. It belongs to the family Phacopidae and is characterized by its distinctive features. The exoskeleton, or shell, of Phacops speculator is typically rounded and can reach several centimeters in length. It has a pair of large, crescent-shaped eyes located on the front of its head, which is a characteristic trait of many trilobite species.

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