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Lebanon Fossil Shrimps

Lebanon Fossil Shrimps

Species: Carpopenaeus longirostris

Age: Late Cretaceou

Location: Haquel, Lebanon


Lebanon is well-known for its rich fossil record, including a diverse range of fossils from different geological periods. Among the notable fossils found in Lebanon are those of ancient shrimp species. These fossil shrimps provide valuable insights into the prehistoric marine ecosystems that existed in the region millions of years ago.


During the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 95 to 66 million years ago, Lebanon was covered by a shallow sea, and a variety of marine organisms inhabited its waters. The fossils of shrimp-like crustaceans have been discovered in the sedimentary rocks of Lebanon, particularly in the famous Lagerstätte (a site with exceptionally preserved fossils) known as the Hjoula and Hajoula localities.

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