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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

Note: Products sold separately, $270 each.


Herkimer Diamonds have a remarkable geometric shape with two pointed ends, resembling diamonds. They are typically colorless or have a pale yellow hue. Their exceptional clarity, brilliance, and natural facets make them highly sought after by crystal enthusiasts and collectors.


What sets Herkimer Diamonds apart is their formation within vugs or cavities in dolostone or limestone rock. These vugs are often small, circular openings that trap water, allowing the quartz crystals to grow over time. The crystals form naturally without any human intervention, resulting in their unique shape and clarity.


Metaphysically, Herkimer Diamonds are believed to possess high vibrations and are associated with spiritual and healing properties. They are considered powerful amplifiers of energy, enhancing spiritual growth, psychic abilities, and clarity of thought. Herkimer Diamonds are often used for meditation, energy work, and manifesting intentions.

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