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Green Tourmaline on Matrix

Green Tourmaline on Matrix

Green Tourmaline on Matrix, also known as Verdite, is a striking combination of the vibrant green tourmaline crystal and the surrounding matrix rock. It is a unique and visually captivating mineral specimen that showcases the beauty of both the tourmaline crystal and its natural host rock.


Green Tourmaline is highly regarded for its intense green color, which ranges from light to dark shades. It is associated with the heart chakra, representing love, compassion, and spiritual growth. Green Tourmaline is believed to promote emotional healing, attract abundance, and enhance one's connection with nature.


When Green Tourmaline grows on a matrix, such as quartz or other minerals, it creates a stunning contrast between the vibrant tourmaline crystals and the surrounding rock. The matrix provides a natural backdrop that adds depth and character to the specimen, enhancing its overall beauty.

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