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Coca Wood Mala (S)

Coca Wood Mala (S)

108 Beads - 9mm

A Mala is a string of beads, typically made from wood, seeds, gemstones, or other natural materials, used in various religious and spiritual traditions for counting prayers, mantras, or breaths during meditation or chanting. Mala beads can help create a rhythmic and focused practice.


A Coca Wood Mala would feature beads made from the wood of the Coca tree. The wood is often smooth, lightweight, and can have a natural brown color. Each bead on the Mala represents a repetition of a mantra or prayer, allowing the practitioner to keep track of their meditation or spiritual practice.


Using a Mala during meditation or prayer can provide a tactile and visual focus, aiding in concentration and creating a sacred connection. The choice of materials, such as Coca Wood, can hold cultural or personal significance for the practitioner.



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