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Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu

Height: 8 inches
Year: 18th Century

Material: Bronze 


Lord Vishnu is one of the most significant deities in Hinduism and is considered the preserver and sustainer of the universe. He is part of the Trimurti, the trinity of major Hindu gods, along with Brahma, the creator, and Shiva, the destroyer.


Vishnu is often depicted as having a blue complexion, representing his infinite and transcendent nature. He is depicted with four arms, holding various symbolic objects. In his upper two hands, he carries a discus (chakra) and a conch shell (shankha), representing his power and cosmic order. In his lower hands, he holds a mace (gada) and a lotus flower, representing strength and purity.


Vishnu is believed to incarnate on Earth in various forms, known as avatars, to restore balance and righteousness when the world is plagued by evil and chaos. The most well-known avatars of Vishnu are Rama and Krishna, who are revered as divine figures and the protagonists of the epic stories Ramayana and Mahabharata, respectively.

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