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Krodha Bhairava

Krodha Bhairava

Height: 8.3 inches
Year: 18th Century

Material: Bronze Statue


Krodha Bhairava, also known as Krodha Bhairava or Bhairava of Anger, is a deity in Hinduism and a form of Lord Shiva. Bhairava is the fierce and wrathful aspect of Shiva, representing his destructive and transformative powers. Krodha Bhairava specifically embodies the energy of anger or intense emotion.


In Hindu iconography, Krodha Bhairava is depicted as a fearsome figure with a fiery complexion, often depicted naked or clad in animal skins. He is portrayed with multiple arms, each holding various weapons such as swords, tridents, and maces, symbolizing his ferocity and ability to dispel negativity.


Krodha Bhairava is often depicted with a dog as his vehicle or companion, symbolizing his association with guarding and protecting sacred spaces. In some representations, he is shown standing or sitting on a lotus pedestal.


Devotees of Krodha Bhairava believe that invoking his energy can help in subduing and channeling one's anger and transforming it into positive and constructive forces. The deity is seen as a guide who assists individuals in overcoming inner demons, destructive tendencies, and negative emotions. Worship and meditation on Krodha Bhairava are believed to purify one's mind and bring about inner strength and self-control.


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