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Height: 10 inches
Material: Camphor Wood


Acalanatha, also known as Fudō Myōō in Japan, is a prominent deity in Vajrayana Buddhism. Acalanatha is considered one of the Wisdom Kings (Myōō) or Deities of Esoteric Knowledge (Vidyaraja) in Japanese Buddhism.


The name Acalanatha translates to "Immovable One" or "Unshakable Wisdom King." As a Wisdom King, Acalanatha represents the transformation of anger and ignorance into wisdom and compassion. He is regarded as a fierce and wrathful deity who vanquishes obstacles and delusions on the path to enlightenment.


In visual representations, Acalanatha is often depicted standing on a lotus pedestal or a rock formation. He is depicted with a wrathful expression, symbolizing his fierce determination to overcome ignorance and obstacles. Acalanatha typically has three eyes that represent his ability to perceive past, present, and future.


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