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Guan Yin (Wood Carved)

Guan Yin (Wood Carved)

Height: 8.5 inch
Material: Camphor Wood


Guan Yin is often depicted as a compassionate figure, usually portrayed as a bodhisattva with multiple arms, each holding symbolic objects. These objects can include a willow branch (representing flexibility), a lotus flower (symbolizing purity), a vase (containing the nectar of compassion), a rosary (representing the repetition of mantras), and sometimes a small child (symbolizing Guan Yin's caring and nurturing nature).


The imagery and representations of Guan Yin can vary, but the central theme is one of compassion and mercy. Guan Yin is considered to be a protector and benefactor, offering solace, healing, and support to those who seek help. Devotees often turn to Guan Yin in times of distress, praying for assistance and guidance.

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