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Sugilite Drum Cut (Abacus Bracelet)

Sugilite Drum Cut (Abacus Bracelet)

Sugilite Drum Cut refers to a specific cutting style applied to the gemstone Sugilite. Sugilite is a rare and valuable gemstone known for its vibrant purple color. The Drum Cut is a unique shape or style of faceting that is sometimes applied to Sugilite to enhance its visual appeal.


The Sugilite Drum Cut typically features a cylindrical or drum-like shape with flat, parallel facets arranged vertically around the stone. This cutting style aims to maximize the gem's color and showcase its unique characteristics. The resulting gemstone often has a rounded or barrel-shaped appearance, reminiscent of a drum or barrel.


It's worth noting that Sugilite itself is a fascinating gemstone. It was discovered relatively recently in the 20th century and is primarily found in a few select locations, including South Africa, Japan, and Canada. Sugilite is often prized for its rich purple color, ranging from deep, intense hues to lighter shades of lavender.

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