Yaman Stone

The Yaman Stone is found only in one river in Indonesia, the place where this special stone resides is more than just mere coincidence, and it is near the vicinity of Banten where many mysteries and the supernatural exist. The Shaman who were looking for such stones in the past need to be taught a special ritual and mantra and they also need to fast for three days drinking strictly only plain water, he will then climb the hostile mountains in the night and pay obeisance to the Gods and Celestial beings whose abode are said to lie in these sacred places.

After the Shaman has done the ritual satisfactorily he will then be given the privilege to see these stones with his third eye, the Yaman Stones are encased like a nut in another stone. The stones are then picked up in the morning and the outer layer removed, they are later polished into cabochons.


For every ritual the Shaman does only a small quantity of Yaman stones are being recovered each time, it takes decades to be able to collect a substantial amount of such rare stones but after the passing away of our late Shaman, it is now extremely difficult to find a new Shaman successor again and therefore no new Yaman stones are now being found.

The Yaman stone is said to be the fossil of the very rare Small Horned Rhinoceros closely related to the Diceratherium Species during the Pleistocene periodapproximately 1.8 to 10 million years ago. Only by using a 10 X micro lens will you be able to see the intricate details of the Yaman stone. It basically looks like black agate but when viewed with a micro lens you will see that it looks similar to marble with inclusions of gold flecks, red streaks and other minerals.

When a light pen is used to shine from under these stones, you will be able to see a reddish glow at the sides or sometimes even the whole stone is illuminated. The very well illuminated stones are the best quality and as such command a very high price.

Royalties and VIP’s including prominent Statesmen and Military Generals usually own at least one of these rare stones, they are normally worn as a ring or pendant.

Yaman stones are extremely good for money making opportunities, they keep you completely relaxed and free from financial burdens. It also opens up opportunities for anyone regardless if they are into business or just simply working as an employee. It greatly improves Charisma, job promotions and most of all keeps you looking young.
Here are some stories of Yaman owners we know personally who related their stories to us.

One of them was run over by a car, his rib bones were crushed, in an ordinary event like this he would have died instantly but miraculously he survived the incident and recovered within 2 months and is now well and alive, he lives in Singapore.

Another guy who owns a printing company in Hong Kong had his hands accidentally rolled into the machine, miraculously after having his hand X-Rayed there was not even a single broken bone, unfortunately he has to bear with a bruised swollen hand but that was about it.

An electrician who was wearing a Yaman stone was electrocuted with high voltage while doing a major works repair; he suffered light burns on his hands and had some hair loss, his Yaman stone broke into 3 parts, perhaps this was an indication that the stone took the toil for its owner. During a normal incident he would have been electrocuted to death.

There are many other miraculous incidents showing the great magical powers of the Yaman Stone. These Yaman stones are not blessed by any spiritual Gurus or Shaman nor do they belong to any specific religion or cult, however some aborigines and natives worship the Yaman Stone because it possess incredible natural healing and magical powers.

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