Phra That

Phra That are holy relics, they are considered sacred as they are the remains of the Buddha, Arahants or from revered monks. They come in many sizes and colors and is revered as a holy object. It omit serenity and good vibes in the house as well as helping one achieve spiritual enlightenment. These relics can grow in size as well as reproducing themselves in small quantity or large amounts. Sometimes it appear by themselves by filling the bed or floor with it or when it is invoked to appear on altars. There are two types of Phra That; one that arrive by itself without invocation and the other that is found after the body of a holy person is being cremated. These are often sought after by devotees wanting peace of mind and those looking for spiritual enlightenment.

Phra-That-01 Phra-That-03 Phra-That-02