Should you buy an Amulet with certification especially if it’s a Somdet Wat Rakang? I think it really depends on your needs and why you want to buy a Somdet Wat Rakang in the first place. Certification for one obviously assures you the authenticity of an Amulet but people are weary of the grey scenes behind certifications which I do not wish to comment here but many of you already know.

So if you are going to get a certification get it from a very reliable and reputable source otherwise buying one without certification is way much cheaper but there are the pros and cons of it unless you have some knowledge in identifying an authentic amulet yourself. If you are confident enough and it’s just for your own wearing purpose apart from reselling it you do not need a certification.

On the other hand however; certification brings out not only the authenticity of the amulet but also it’s value in price and definetly the confidence. Arjarn Kla who is Thailand’s only approved and reputed Somdet Wat Rakang certifier only issues certification if the amulet has all the criteria of a Somdet Wat Rakang namely the fine ingredients from materials that makes a good Somdet. There are many Somdet Wat Rakang on the market but to find a good conditioned piece is not easily available. Price depends on the batch, Pim (mold) the clarity and refinement of the amulet itself. If you expect it to be in the hundreds or lesser thousands you may be very disappointed but you may get one for even free by giving just a small token to a friend who just wants to give them to you. A reasonably good conditioned unused piece will easily start off at a price of SGD$20,000,00 and go on with no limits. This again depend on the limited edition Pims “Molds”, ingredients etc as mentioned above previously. You “may” get something cheaper but the condition of the amulet will be at stake, it may be either used,unrefined,chipped etc.

The problem with Somdet Wat Rakang is that it’s reputation has been severely tarnished by saturating the market with fakes thus the skepticism about owning one these days. It’s so common to see them almost everywhere in every temple these days but these are NOT SOMDET WAT RAKANG they are called just somdet. To stand out as a true blue Somdet Wat Rakang it must be made only by Somdet Puttahjarntoh himself and from Wat Rakang. A standard piece would be at least 140 years old. The material of an authentic Somdet Wat Rakang is inimitable; the feel and texture is similar to fossilization, the edge of the amulet is never sharp. When viewing a broken piece the powdery substances or ingredients never flecks but is somewhat glued or has a sticky appearance.Unfortunately fakes look very similar to the untrained eye, the size, shape, Pims”Mold” are extremely similar. The only difference is by looking at the ingredients or material. To a trained eye, there is no need even for the use of a 10x micro lens loupe.

Somdet Puttahjarntoh chanted the Jinapanjara Gatha for his Somdet and if you want to know what it means please check out the translation in English if you care to click the link below. Literally all the great disciples of the Buddha and great sages are stationed on every part of your body when this Gatha is chanted thus the name of the Gatha

Click  “The Victor’s Cage” for Jinapanjara Gatha

During Somdet Puttahjarntoh’s era these amulets were given to devotees and soldiers. If one gets sick they used to scrape the dust from the back of the amulet and consume it as medicine if they are unwell. Miraculously they always get better after that. The reason why this particular amulet is so sought after is because it has been proven that the wearer of an authentic Somdet Wat Rakang succeeds faster and continuously thus bringing them honour,goodwill and protection.

So should you buy a Somdet Wat Rakang ? One thing for sure, there is no amulet in the world that can prevent anyone from death when Karma ripens; even the maker of the amulet has to die. If you wear an Amulet in the belief that it will help minimise damage or danger to oneself without expecting too much than you won’t be overly disappointed however if you expect miracles to happen every time and take the amulet for granted than its better not to wear them because if something does happen you will start blaming the amulet and maker.

We are responsible for every single action in our lives, how well your life becomes or what you have experienced is all due to your own doing. Invest in your future by doing Merits without condition, keeping your 5 precepts diligently and practice Vipassanna Meditation.