No Eye Coconuts

These are No Eye Coconuts, usually standard coconuts come with 3 pores or “eyes” These have literally no pores, the occurrence for such coconuts is extremely rare. They are place inside homes for protection against bad luck and also to prevent robbery, handwritten yants by revered Gurus are usually recommended to give these coconuts extra protective power. Phra Rahu is also a protector that relieves one from suffering and changes ill luck. The No Eye Coconut with Rahu carving here belongs to Luangpor Noi of Wat Si Sathong. The one with Hanuman carving came from Myanmar. The last coconut is not a No Eye Coconut but most likely two coconuts joint together and is from the late Luangpor Pinat with handwritten yants by him.

Rahu-Coconut-01 Rahu-Coconut-02 Rahu-Coconut-03 Rahu-Coconut-04 Rahu-Coconut-05 Rahu-Coconut-06 Rahu-Coconut-07 Rahu-Coconut-08 Rahu-Coconut-09