Leklai Devada

Common Leklai is a kind of mineral that is found in caves and most are actually Hematite, these are not Leklai that were being invoked with rituals but rather found inside caves similar to mining crystals which are plentiful. Due to the overwhelming demand of True Leklai Devada; Man-Made ones can now be found commonly at religious markets and shops. There are many different names for Leklai and each has their own identity.

True Leklai are actually manifested by the Devas themselves and the forms may come in many different elements and shapes, these are called Leklai Devada.


Leklai Devada will only manifest to monks who are true to the Dharma and thus are exceedingly rare and highly sought after even with a hefty price tag. Any person with ill intentions should not seek these Leklai . Much intense ritual go into the acquisition of these sacred objects but the results are amazing and phenomenal. Some Leklai may form in the shape of an amulet with a Buddha in it while others may look like shells or flowers. It is known that Devas live inside these Leklai and manifest themselves inside it. Most of these Leklai are found inside caves that are deep inside the jungles, sometimes even when proper rituals are done not a single Leklai will appear. It is also a very dangerous affair when looking for Leklai, if the ritual is not done properly it may have serious consequences.

Invoking Leklai A white cloth or robe is usually spread across a small section inside the cave, candles and joss sticks are lit and a series of sutras are being chanted before the Leklai actually fall onto the cloth. Some Leklai will rest on candle rims these are extremely rare , they are called Leklai Yak Nam Fa. when these Leklai comes the candles will usually be snubbed and that’s when we know that it has arrived. Most Leklai will just fall onto the cloth during invocation but some emerged from the ground or water, these are the bigger ones that come in the shape of a statue or Pagoda.

Leklai Devada includes Leklai Kaew(Glass)‘Green’ Leklai Mokiri(Marble) ‘Grey’ Leklai Thong Palai ‘Gold’ Leklai Kod Pi(Black),Leklai Wat Chalatad(Aluminium-like Droplet Pieces) and Leklai Ngern Yuong(Aluminium-like Chunks)Leklai Somdet Ong Luangpoo Thuad(No Mold Used, Shape of Luangpoo Thuad, All Natural Shape) these are the actual ones that my Guru got personally from the caves and witnessed the phenomenal miracles that took place.

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