1. Getting your house Fengshui analyzed should include at least the Natal Chart (20yrs), The Trigram Chart (12 Months) and the Eight Mansions analysis. You should provide an accurate floor plan from your developer to your consultant and he should give you these basic details. Bazi or Eight Pillars Chart should be in your priority but this could be charged extra as there is a lot of work involved. You will have to have your Flying Stars analyzed yearly as they change directions from year to year.
  2. In order for things to work well, you will have to be prepared to set aside some money to buy cures and enhancers regularly. You will also have to buy new furniture or items to bring in new and fresh energy annually. There is no cheap or quick fix solution if you want results.
  3. Old cures should not be reused just to save money. The more you skimp on such things the less results you will receive. Like cancer, when it reaches stage 4 cure is almost always impossible.
  4. All houses have already been Fengshuied even when you have not got anyone to analyze it for you. The reason why you hire a consultant for the job is because you want to know where exactly the flying stars reside and to take precautions.
  5. If you are not prepared to spend on cures and enhancers than Fengshui is not for you. If you are not committed to it than you should not be reading on from here.
  6. The reason why we use spiritual cures is because they have a very fast and potent reaction. My teacher Lillian Too has used such cures as well and although both our cures may be slightly different as we’re from different Buddhist denomination, the intention is the same. Spiritual cures works extremely well and has so much protective values that it is an asset to own these things and have them in your house whether as a cure or an enhancer or simply because you feel that it brings you a peace of mind.
  7. It is better to invest on quality enhancers such as crystals or items that can be of symbolic and beneficial factors to your Fengshui. Cheap does not mean good and where you get them from is of great importance. If you get them cheap from a shop that is closing down or from someone who is going, broke do you think the items will bring you good energy?
  8. Always buy spiritual items such as Buddha statues, amulets or charms from people who are actively spiritual. By this I meant people who sell these items not for the sole purpose of just making a profit but by benefitting others and also doing charitable works. When the source from where it comes is good you can expect goodness as well. He should also be knowledgeable in the things that he is selling.


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