Tok Raja

Please note that we do not verify Tok Raja(Luangpor Khron of Wat Uttamaram) amulets for anyone. We do not claim in any way to be an expert in verifying his amulets or any kind of amulets for that matter. We do not buy amulets from hobbyist, collectors and such. 

There is really no fixed price on any particular amulet, it all depends on the quality, limited quantity and the demand for it. The best guarantee for buying an authentic amulet is the knowledge that you have acquired from experiences in verifying them and not the opinion of others.

If you have the genuine interest in buying any of our amulets please come down to our shop personally for pricing and details. These amulets are not cheap and we do not take the risk of sending them via post unless fully insured by buyer.


Amulet collecting is a personal passion and requires a lot of research especially in antique collections. In my personal opinion, basing on the assumption of the authenticity of an amulet by pictures, magazines or via internet isn’t sufficient enough. There are lots of authentic amulets made by revered gurus that are unknown because they were either very limited or were made for the internal committee, close disciples and devotees. It is always better to buy a new amulet from the temple if one is unsure of the authenticity of an old amulet. You save yourselves from getting burnt and the frustrations that comes after that.


About Tok Raja

Tok Raja Pic

Names: Tok Raja, Phra Wijarayanamuni,Luangpor Khron,Than Jao Khun Khron
Temple : Wat Uttamaram,Pasir Mas, Kampong Teresek(Ban Saeh) Kelantan, Malaysia
Lived: BE2419 (1876 Thur Dec 1st) to BE2505 (Nov 19th 1962)
Specialty : Shut Eyed Buddha ( Phra Pidta).
Pidta Functions: Brings only positive people into your life, great networking, powerful mentor and business luck, superb charisma, prevent all unforeseen accidents and misfortune, neutralize negative forces and spiritual attacks, powerful sixth sense, neutralize dangers and black magic, neutralize politicking at work and business, bring power and authority.

One of the greatest creator of the Shut Eyed Buddha also known as Phra Pitda, Luangpor Khron is famed for his life like 3D Pidta that is able to sit up like a real person. Although a little chunky for some people this is the unique feature of his Pidta. On closer examination, resin like substances can be found mixed with holy powders or herbs. Tree saps are substances very similar to resin or frankincense and when burnt produces a very sensational fragrance. Not to be confused with modern day plastic resin, tree sap substances have inclusions in them and is usually yellowish however other colors such as brown, red and even black have been known to exist.

Most of Tok Raja’s Pidta that were made from herbs or holy powder have different distinctive marks, the mould and size may look similar but the hands and fingers are always different, even the hand written yants are different and may be of different size. The material that were made of herbs and powder are usually very dry and hard, some are so dry that crack lines may be seen. The brass, copper or bronze material used in the past were very distinctive and different unlike modern day metal.

Although he has a very stern look people said that he was a very caring and compassionate monk who used to resolve problems for the community. He was also a very learned monk both in Dhamma and Wicha(Magic). Some of the incidents about his Pidtas were that it would stand upright by itself after being blesse due to wearing his Pidta and there was the Botak Chin story. These are stories that could be found on the internet.

As for my customers who bought Tok Raja’s Pidta, all of them gave positive feedback. One such case involved a Swedish lady who bought it and gave it to her husband the first time she entered my shop. One year later she came back and told me that after her husband wore the Pidta his job prospects increased double fold, her husband followed her the third time she came into my shop and encouraged her to buy one for herself. A few others who bought the Pidta has also seen an increased in their sales and businesses.

One of the most interesting feedback was a customer of mine who went to entertain his customers one evening. Having drunk a little they sloughed behind the back seat of the car while he drove them home. Along the way was a road block where police were trying to nab drunkards. It was his bad luck so he thought and having no other choice he took a last resort by pleading to Tok Raja’s Pidta that he would be let off. When the police stopped him, he was told to wind down the windows; he did as was told, heart beating fast fearing the breath test. Strangely he was told to move on without having to do anything. He quickly sped off and thought about his good luck. As he was driving on the highway a traffic police had his police lights on and was seen catching up with his car, he slowed down and expected the worst and wound down the window. The traffic police rode to his side and  gestured to him to slow down and sped off ahead of him. He was shocked with unbelief that he had escaped two possible fines in a day. This was the power of Tok Raja’s Pidta and during my recent visit to Wat Uttamaram I had the opportunity to speak to a caretaker in the temple and he said to me that if there was anything that we seek Tok Raja for assistance we could actually pray and ask him for his blessings and he will help us.