Thai Amulets

Please note that we do not verify amulets for anyone and we do not buy amulets from hobbyist, collectors and such.

Thai amulets were made from materials ranging from herbs, a concoction of holy powder or from different metals fused together. In the early days moulds were made from bamboo or wood and sometimes from iron, moon phases were strictly observed when making any amulet and the process were long and arduous requiring months of blessings before they were ready to be released to the public. The main properties of an amulet is to give its wearer general protection, charisma, good luck and success, with each guru specializing in their own forte many different styles and types of amulets were created.


Disappointingly, movies depicting black magic and sorcery that linked Thai amulets has also caused much controversy and misunderstanding. If you are keen to know more about such things it is better to seek a learned Guru or person to find out the details.

Much scepticism has been going around on certain amulets especially the one called “Guman Thong” aka Golden Child. The most famous Guman Thong maker is Luangpor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam (Nakhon Pathom province) It requires intense knowledge of the Dharma and a strict observation of the precepts before one is able to make a powerful amulet. As Luangpor Tae was a very compassionate monk and seeing that there were many spirits of children who had died prematurely he decided to create a figurine of a child that included ashes from them to be mixed with holy powder and soil from cemeteries. After many gruelling days and probably even months of invoking the Devas and the child spirit the figurine was finally ready to be released to an owner. When the Golden Child starts helping its owner fulfil his accomplishment he in return will receive merits and when he had received enough merits from his service he will be re-incarnated to a better realm. This is totally different from black magic where unorthodox practices is involved. It is really not advisable to dabble with the dark forces for the repercussions are unthinkable.

The top 9 Gurus of Thailand whom are well acknowledged by devotees and the general public are

  1. Luangpor Thuad (Wat Chang Hai)
  2. Somdet Puttajarntoh Phromarangsi (Wat Rakang)
  3. Luangpor Ngern ( Wat Bang Klan)
  4. Luangpoo Boon (Wat Klang Bang Kaew)
  5. Luangpor Derm(Wat Nong Po)
  6. Luangpor Parn (Wat Bang Nom Kho)
  7. Luangpoo Mun (Wat Pah Suttawad)
  8. Luangpor Sod (Wat Pak Nam)
  9. Luangpoo Toh (Wat Pradoochimpli)

The above creators of their respective amulets command extremely high prices. Somdet Puttajarntoh being the most expensive and is very difficult to acquire especially for an authentic piece. If you are looking for an amulet but do not know how to tell the difference please consider buying a new amulet directly from the temple. You can easily be deceived if you do not do your research and have not enough experience in such things.

The difference between new and old amulets is that new amulets these days are usually commissioned to manufacturers while old amulets were hand made by the gurus themselves thus the limited quantity and value in price. We have many more amulets than is here on our website. We welcome serious buyers to our shop for pricing and details.