Somdet Wat Rakang (Uncut)

Uncut or prototype Somdet Wat Rakang are very rare and not commonly available compared to the standard version. These “Pims” mold can be found in Arjarn Kla Katesurinchai’s (KLA)Directory of Somdet Wat Rakang. These are certified by Arjarn Kla with certificate of authenticity. These are truly for the hardcore Somdet Wat Rakang Collector. All of our Somdet Wat Rakang comes with Arjarn Kla’s certificate. Buy from us with confidence and a peace of mind !

Somdet Wat Rakang amulets are renown for their ability to help a person achieve success in the shortest amount of time, they are good especially for sales and networking luck. They are good for promotion luck, charisma and protection against dangers. The wearer of this amulet can expect continuous growth and reach the highest level of success in the trade that they are doing opening up great opportunities that one could never have expected. It is the ultimate amulet and still stands at number 1 today.

All of the Somdet Wat Rakang amulets displayed on our website and Facebook belongs to us, they are not under consignment from any entity.

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