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Dealing With Loss

  • Post Written By Vince Koh
  • August 21, 2016
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I found myself repeating what I did to my grandmother who passed away almost 30 years ago but it was my mother this time. She passed away on the 26th of August 2016. The doctor called for us to come immediately to the hospital which we all knew it was bad news. When I reached […]

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Let Them Go Peacefully

My relatives had all came to see my grandmother when she was lying in coma for about a week on her bed at home, she had fallen twice and the second fall sealed her fate. Everyone knew that she had not long to live but didn’t know when her time would come. My grandmother was like […]

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On Buying A Certified Somdet Wat Rakang Amulet

Should you buy an Amulet with certification especially if it’s a Somdet Wat Rakang? I think it really depends on your needs and why you want to buy a Somdet Wat Rakang in the first place. Certification for one obviously assures you the authenticity of an Amulet but people are weary of the grey scenes […]

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