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Doing Good Doesn’t Pay ?

  • Post Written By Vince Koh
  • January 15, 2018
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You might have come across some of your friends telling you this or you might have experienced things such as when you do good you sometimes experience unfavorable things happening to you instead? When things like this happens, our first reaction is to question if we should continue doing good. It is just a normal reaction but if you […]

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How Merits Work For You

I asked my Dharma teacher one day: “Master, do the  Devas really answer our prayers whenever we asked them to fulfil it?” His answer was: ” First of all you must have attain enough merits in order for them to fulfil your wishes. Secondly, you must dedicate your daily Sutras(Chantings) to them” Since I seldom […]

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Releasing Animals as Merit Making

  • Post Written By Vince Koh
  • August 21, 2016
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Before you release any animals, it is vital that the animal you release should be that of your local species otherwise it will be detrimental to the ecological system in your country. Please take note as this is very important. I never liked the idea of releasing birds especially in Thailand, firstly I feel like […]

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