Vince Koh

Vince Koh

Welcome to my site. My name is Vince Koh, in 1996 we started an online website promoting Fengshui, antique thai amulets and mystical spiritual items. In August 2005 we decided to start a retail shop specializing in rare oddballs thus Natures Treasure Limited Liability Partnership was established.

We started out at Specialist Shopping Centre before moving to Tanglin Shopping Centre and operated there from August 2006 to September 2012. On March 2013 we relocated to the newly revamped Chinatown Point at New Bridge Road.

Our collection has expanded since and we now have even more unique items to offer . Apart from quality Crystal Carvings, Exotic Woods, Fossils, Rare Mystical items and Meteorites we also offer high end Thai amulets such as Somdet Wat Rakang made personally by Somdet Puttarjarntoh Phromarangsi with recognised certification by (Arjarn Kla Katesurinchai KLA) that we have painstakingly collected over the years. We welcome you to our shop personally to view our collections and to have a better detailed understanding of what we have available for sale. Meanwhile, you are encouraged to browse through our website and especially our facebook page to get a preview of the items in our shop. Apart from this we also offer professional Fengshui & Bazi consultation at all levels.

Many thanks to Lillian Too for being my Feng Shui teacher since 2003. Much thanks also to my Great Spiritual Guru Luangpor Lum (Phra Khru Sirithammarat of Wat Samakitham) for all these 26 years of spiritual guidance. Not forgetting Choon Kiap and Sophine for the never ending support and friendship.

May All Sentient Beings Have Compassion and Live In Peace With One Another.

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